” East Meets Earth:” JAMU Asian Spa Rituals Introduces New “Batu JAMU” Treatment

Just when we thought the spa industry has left no stone unturned, JAMU Asian Spa Rituals and Stone Spirits collaborated on fusing hot and cold stone therapies with authentic Asian spa rituals in a new kind of treatment called, “Batu Jamu.”  This revolutionary new fusion of stone work teaches the use of hot and cold stones in combination with varying forms of bodywork complemented by JAMU tropical scrubs and aromatherapy oils developed by Kim Collier, owner of JAMU Asian Spa Rituals and an expert on spa rituals of Asia having studied and worked in the Far East for more than a decade. 

The heat from the hot stones diffuse the aromatherapy oils lulling the client into a blissful state of relaxation, making this one of the most pleasurable experiences East or West.

According to Carolyn Webber, founder of Stone Spirits and veteran stone massage educator, “While some facilities may be doing stone massage and spa treatments, none are combining the two.”

Students of the Batu Jamu treatment learn to give a wonderfully relaxing hot and cold stone massage and to use the unique full body exfoliating, hydrating, spa tropical treatments of Bali Sea & Flowers, Volcanic Clay & Thai Coconut scrubs from JAMU.  It teaches them to use the stones as both massage tools (saving their bodies) and as applicators and removers of the tropical scrubs, creating a whole new realm of stone work in spa therapies.


Stone Spirits has created a video correspondence course followed by 2-day hands on seminar focused on teaching this fusion of East meets Earth. 

Students can learn the peripheral information via video correspondence then attend the seminar to refine the treatment and receive individual attention from a certified instructor. 

Spas interested in learning more about rituals, products and treatments of JAMU Asian Spa Rituals or adding Batu Jamu to the menu can visit www.jamuspa.com.