The Sanctuary Launches Four New Bathing Treats

The Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden introduces four fabulous new World Spa Secrets products from the corners of the globe - Europe, Africa, The Orient and The Tropics - to pamper and indulge in the comfort of your own home spa.European Seaweed Sea Salt Scrub:

This is an invigorating and stimulating Salt Scrub inspired by the European Thalossotherapy treatments for detoxification.  A blend of Sea Salts, Seaweed and Marine Extracts creates a vibrant blue, rich mineral scrub which can be massaged into damp skin to boost circulation and gently exfoliate.  Seaweed provides extra nourishment as the dead cells are washed away leaving a smooth and healthy silhouette.

Oriental Floral Spa Bath:

Based on the traditional Eastern ritual, this soothing Spa Bath will transport you into a world of calm serenity with a blend of Eastern Florals and Thai herbs. This Eastern bathing ritual can be performed in the comfort of your own home by scooping the crystals and dried petals into a warming bath and allowing their soothing properties to soften your skin as you lie back and enjoy the delicate fragrances of Jasmine, Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang.


The Tropical Spa Glow Body Scrub:

This lively blend of Lemon, Orange, Mango and Papaya fruits is the ideal way to start the day.  Massaging with the zesty body scrub refreshes the body and removes dead skin cells giving a brighter appearance and a feeling of radiance and exhilaration.  The Glow Body Scrub perfectly accompanies the refreshing Tropics range, which includes Bright Start Body Wash, Energising Body Balm and Refreshing Body Spritzer.

African Creamy Body Wash: 

Pamper and nourish your whole body with this rich and creamy body cleanser.  An indulgent blend of Milk, Honey and Ginger, leaves the skin decadently cleansed and moisturised.  This completes the recently launched World Spa Secrets African ritual, which includes a Soothe and Restore Body Mask, Replenishing Bath Elixir and Hydrating Body Butter.

The new Sanctuary World Spa Secrets products are available from the website