Star Alliance Announces Global Electronic Ticketing

The member airlines of Star Alliance, the global airline network, have today agreed on a plan to implement global electronic ticketing capabilities by the end of 2004.
“Once more Star Alliance demonstrates its leadership role in the airline industry by implementing a global standard for a simple, seamless, efficient and customer friendly product.” said Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Chairman and CEO of Lufthansa German Airlines on behalf of the leadership of the Star Alliance.

In customer surveys around the globe e-tickets belong to the most demanded service offerings of airlines easing the way from “buying” to “flying”. Without having to carry traditional paper ticket documents passengers can check-in for travel by using no more than a personal identification (credit- or mileage program card). All travel data is available throughout the trip, lost tickets are no longer an issue. Creating the technical capabilities to use electronic tickets across the whole Star Alliance network in a short timeframe became possible with the help of a highly integrated IT-infrastructure (called STARNET). This unique network was created by all member carriers of Star Alliance after its foundation in 1997.

Mr. Mayrhuber said, “Our alliance was created with an emphasis on adding value to the international traveling public. Rolling out this new product will simply underline our continued commitment to make the latest technologies work in favor of our customers.”