OTC Extends White Label Agreement with Freeserve

Online Travel Corporation (OTC), the UK’s leading online travel supplier and retailer, has announced a one-year extension of its contract to supply travel content to Freeserve.
The agreement, which follows a contested pitch, will see OTC enhancing its strategic partnership with Freeserve, and supplying content, including flights - where OTC will become the ISP’s exclusive supplier for the first time - Eurostar, ferries, villas and cottages, together with its Build-Your-Own (BYO) technology.

OTC’s pioneering BYO technology enables Freeserve’s 2.6 million members to self-package their own holidays online by combining flights and hotels, and already accounts for a high proportion of the site’s sales.

Since OTC launched BYO in October 2001, usage of the technology has grown steadily, and now represents 35% of all bookings made across OTC’s 80 own-brand and partner sites.

OTC currently white labels its technology to over 60 leading ISPs, portals and media companies including Virgin.net and The Telegraph. The company provides partners with travel pages tailored to fit the design, branding and customer preferences of each site.

Vic Darvey, sales director at OTC said: “We have worked with Freeserve for over three years now, and we look forward to enhancing our strategic partnership with one of the UK’s leading ISPs.


“Our market-leading self-packaging technology was crucial to this win. The growth of BYO across the industry has been phenomenal over the last year, and its great to see that Freeserve customers have adapted to this trend so readily.

“We are committed to continually improving all our product ranges, and to improving our BYO facilities on every site.”

Jon Gisby, Freeserve Managing Director of Portals said: “At Freeserve we are committed to being best of breed in everything we do so we are delighted to add Online Travel Corporation to our list of trusted travel partners and we are confident our users will find their services both useful and reliable.”