PROMOTION: 50th Anniversary for Arubas Carnival Celebration

Aruba’s biggest celebration of the year is even bigger and brighter for 2004 as the island where happiness lives gears up for the 50h Annual Carnival Celebration! Each year, Carnival in Aruba brings unbridled revelry and excitement to the streets of this Caribbean gem, and brings locals and visitors alike together to rejoice in the spirit and vibrancy of Carnival. The 50th anniversary celebrations promise to delight and thrill all in attendance from the colourful kick-off in January to the fiery culmination in February. This year’s historical Carnival season jump starts on January 3 with the annual Torch Parade boasting vivid costumes, lively contests and “jump-ups’ (street parties).Many Arubans prepare for this cultural tradition as early as one year in advance to ensure that all costumes and floats are crafted to perfection and on time. With this year’s Carnival festivities celebrating half a centuries worth of traditions, the costumes, contests and floats promise to be even more extravagant than in years past.Carnival season marks Aruba’s high season and is one of the most popular occasions for both visitors and locals alike on the tropical paradise. The popularity of Carnival began in Aruba in the 1930’s and the first official Carnival parade on the island took place in 1955.Two of the highlights of the 50th anniversary Aruba Carnival are the famous Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade and the Jouvert Morning.  The Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade takes place on February 14 and boasts more than 2000 revelers and numerous floats adorned with thousands of tiny lights illuminating the city streets of Oranjestad. The “Pajama Party” or Jouvert Morning begins at 4:00 a.m. on February 21 and is the biggest “jump-up” featuring local music bands parading through the streets of San Nicholas.Carnival season comes to an extraordinary climax on February 22 with the unforgettable 50th Aruba Grand Carnival Parade. The streets fill with colorful costumes, pulsating beats and partygoers as Carnival reaches its peak moment the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Marking Carnival’s close on February 25, the “Burning of King Momo” features a fire that engulfs a straw figure of “King Momo” signifying the death of Carnival and the close of the remarkable anniversary season’s festivities.Related article on Caribbean Travel News:Viva finalises Royal Aruban Air agreement