Angela Cosmai…Color Director At John Frieda Salon On Madison Avenue

Angela Cosmai, world renowned haircolorist extraordinaire, can currently be found during the week at the John Frieda Salon on 797 Madison Avenue. She closed her own exclusive salon of 17 years on the Upper East Side in New York, which was a favorite of celebrities and socialites, to work for John Freida.“John is an amazing person to work for and I just could not turn down a fantastic opportunity to become the Color Director at one of his salons”, states Angela. “The opportunities for growth and creative outlets are so abundant at Frieda and the company of individuals that I get to work with is so exemplary and professional, that I knew it was the best decision I could make.”

Voted as “Best Colorist” by such notable magazines as Vogue and NY Magazine, Angela is in high demand. “I want hair to look real, as if the color is naturally growing from the scalp,” she explains. “When hair grows out, there should be no line of demarcation to indicate the new growth.” Angela is very well known for her “corrective coloring”. “I have fixed every type of hair problem”, states Angela. Her mission: restore and correct color damaged hair.

Angela Cosmai stands out as a singular figure. A hair colorist-contrarian, she is an outspoken pragmatist who avoids this season’s or any season’s trends. Her signature is subtly nuanced, natural-looking color that never strays far from her clients’ original tones. Those who come to her for dramatic change simply won’t get it. “There are too many chemicals and too much maintenance involved,” says Angela, whose continual concern is the health of the hair.

Practicing a less is more philosophy, Angela often custom-mixes her own long-lasting, no-peroxide formulas, whips up lustrous, non-drying color glosses unlike anyone else’s, and applies highlights practically to the roots. (That takes a magic touch). Her forte is finding the believable, perfect tint. The beauty industry cites Cosmai as a color corrector. But those who know her work beyond its reputation regard her as something more—an artist with tints.

Angela has an international cadre of clients—celebrities as well as ordinary mortals, men as well as women. Some have read about her in Vogue, Glamour, and Mirabella.


Over the years, Cosmai’s clients repeatedly asked her to recommend home products to help maintain their color. But nothing out there met her specifications.

So, with considerable “clinical” experience already behind her, she created the Angela Cosmai Color Protective Hair Care System—eight unique, wonderfully mild, cruelty-free products, rich in natural botanicals. Not only do Cosmai’s color clients swear by the shampoos, conditioner, sprays, styling gel, and amazing masque, but so do women who have never tinted their hair but still seek to give it every benefit possible.

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