OctopusTravel.com Honours Pricing Error

Contrary to a recent rumour, the global online travel company OctopusTravel.com has stayed true to its word and honoured a series of on-line bookings, despite losing thousands of pounds in operating profit.  A hotel presented on the OctopusTravel.com website was erroneously priced in the wrong currency, at an absurdly low price.
Numerous customers spotted the mistake and capitalised on it immediately, gaining themselves a very early Christmas present.  The error occurred on bookings made for The Metropolitan, a 4 star design hotel in Bangkok.  The typical best deal for a room in this particular establishment should be approximately £55.00 per person per night.  In this instance customers ended up paying £1.50 for their room for the night. 

Everyone who took advantage of the mistake saved themselves over £100 and one person saved well over £500.

One of the fortunate customers, Peter Brown, a university teacher, said: “I have booked on OctopusTravel before and I have always got a good deal but this was extra special!  I think it is laudable and principled that Octopus is sticking by the original price.”  He continued: “I hope for OctopusTravel’s sake that not too many people took advantage of it.”

Ray Mason, UK Managing Director for OctopusTravel.com said: ” With 19,000 hotels in 3,300 cities and with transactions in over 100 different countries, it’s inevitable that occasionally an error is made.  I want to say to all our customers that although this mistake has cost the company thousands of pounds, we value our reputation and customer goodwill more highly than that.  It is essential to us, as one of the new breed of on-line travel companies, that customers feel that we are at least as trustworthy and reliable as any of the traditional brands.”