KLM Implements Abacus Salesmanager in the Philippines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
, the national
carrier of the Netherlands, has implemented Abacus SalesManager Marketing
Messages for Abacus-connected travel agents in the Philippines.
Designed specially for airlines, Abacus
SalesManager marketing
messages will provide KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and its affiliate hotel
companies, car rental companies and other travel suppliers with the ability
to communicate directly with travel agencies during the booking process.
This will be done through personalised messages that are attached to a
specific airline segment. Agents can then access them through Abacus Whiz or
any other Abacus system platform.

This direct and timely communication channel enables travel agents
to help customers make cost-effective and intelligent travel purchase
decisions and boost the airlines’ bookings at the same time.

“We expect that Abacus SalesManager will improve on our advertising
efforts and help agents save time and effort searching for good deals with
KLM since we are able to provide them this information directly through this
new service” said Mr. Jose S. Laurente Jr, Sales Manager, KLM Philippines. 

“Since implementing this service in 2002, Abacus SalesManager
Marketing Messages have helped numerous airlines and travel agents work
together to efficiently fulfil their client’s needs. By no longer having to
rely on email, fax or print media, airlines are able to get their
promotional messages to agents exactly when they are needed, giving the
airlines a competitive edge over the other players in the market, ” said Mr.
Rogelio Sarreal, Vice President and Head of Associate Sales at Abacus
International Pte Ltd.