The New York Palace Hotel Web Site Doubles Bookings

When The New York Palace Hotel selected
Interactive Sites to completely redesign its web site, their primary goal
was to increase the level of service and functionality the site offered
their guests. After just three weeks, the new site (
has doubled the number of reservations the hotel receives on average in a
month, and provided an invaluable tool to facilitate electronic dialogue
between the hotel’s Concierge staff and guests - drawing over 100 inquiries.
The new website for the 896-room hotel that defines itself as “the standard
of luxury in New York” offers enhanced functionality and a new look and
design that is in keeping with the brand image of the hotel. The enhanced
booking capabilities make it very easy to make both room and event
reservations. The new “Online Concierge” has exceeded the hotel’s
expectations, prompting four times as many requests for information or
assistance than the hotel expected.

“We anticipate the Internet to become increasingly the communication and
booking channel of choice for many of our guests and are delighted to
introduce a new web site with significantly upgraded functionality,”
comments Director of Marketing, Doerte Lau.  “Over the next months we will
enhance the site with additional components such as online amenity and
merchandise purchase to make it even more functional.  On the web,
provides the most attractive and competitive offers
for real and gracious hospitality at one of New York’s finest hotels.”

The New York Palace Hotel chose Interactive Sites after a long vendor
search, because of their expertise and innovative solutions for the
hospitality industry. The company applied that experience in making the
hotel’s website interactive at five different points of contact: at the
point of Reservations, with the Concierge, for social events, for corporate
and meeting bookings and in a general forum where guests can contact the
hotel staff and receive immediate response.

“We are extremely pleased that The New York Palace Hotel, the largest luxury
hotel in Manhattan, has already experienced dramatic results from the
website Interactive Sites created. The opportunity continues to allow us to
showcase the functionality of our e-commerce solutions on a large but
personalized and service-intensive scale,” said Michael L. Waltman,
President & CEO of Interactive Sites.  “Based on our long experience in the
hotel industry, we understand that hotel websites must meet the business
objectives of building revenues and loyalty.  The New York Palace Hotel?s
site demonstrates how to incorporate e-commerce and e-marketing capabilities
into the business of delivering guest service at the highest level.”