Stock up on Christmas Cheer with

Take advantage of a larger car to stock up on your overseas shopping this
Christmas, with
offering discounts on all cars - including
With a survey from Switch revealing that one in four of us will be doing
some Christmas shopping overseas this year, online car hire specialist is offering discounts on all cars - from ‘mini’ up to
‘minivan’ - to help shoppers enjoy a larger car for less.

The deal offers a five per cent discount on the online prices, providing an
even better deal on carrentals low price.  The offer is in addition to the
company’s regular £5 discount for online bookings and free cancellation

A combination of cheap flights and channel crossings has helped boost
Christmas shopping overseas, with the deal designed to help
shoppers gain more space to stock up on their favourite foods, drink and

France continues to be the most popular destination for overseas shoppers,
with 57% choosing cross-channel shopping and spending an average of £109
each on food and drink.  With carrentals shoppers can either hire a car in
the UK and cross the channel or fly into France and collect a car to explore
for gifts further afield.

The offer means a seven-seater ‘Minivan’ now costs £230 for three days hire
from London, while the ‘Mini’ category now costs £72.60 - leaving more
money for Christmas shopping.


Doug Scott, managing director of, said: “Christmas shopping
overseas is continuing to grow as shoppers take advantage of cheap travel
options.  A combination of more unusual gifts and perceived low prices are
also attracting customers to head overseas in the run up to festivities.

“By offering an extra discount on our prices we are hoping to help customers
maximise their shopping safely, with larger cars available to avoid
overloading, and the low prices leaving more to spend in the shops.”