CATS Choose the Anite Solution

Anite Travel Systems

continues to strengthen its position in the US ferry market with a recent win to install its FerryRes transportation software for Canadian American Transportation Systems (CATS), the Rochester, New York-based fast ferry operator.

The 20-user reservation system includes standard functionality such as passenger bookings, vehicle bookings and vehicle management as well as extra modules to handle online booking and credit card payment.

Operating a fast ferry service across Lake Ontario, between Rochester, USA and Toronto, Canada, this start-up operation will initially manage 2 round trips per day, rising to 3 during the peak summer months. The vessel can carry 750 passengers and 234 cars per crossing, as well as trucks and buses, which takes two and a quarter hours.

“Anite’s FerryRes system has very sophisticated pricing and yield management controls,” explains Howard Thomas, President at CATS. “This is essential for a start-up operation in order to offer a range of fares to encourage people to try the service. In addition, managing the vehicle deck is also a very complicated exercise. It is imperative to get this right as it will be the most heavily demanded resource on the vessel.” Thomas continues: “The system is also capable of passenger check-in via finger print recognition, in the future, for our frequent travellers.”


p>Kevin Bates, IT Director at CATS, adds: “From an IT perspective, I selected FerryRes because it is a well proven, yet constantly evolving, application. A robust and reliable system is imperative for us in this mission critical area.”

The reservation system is due to go live with bookings in mid December this year. The new vessel, which is currently on its way from Australia, is expected in Spring 2004.