American and Copa Airlines Now Offer Interline Electronic Ticketing

American Airlines and Copa Airlines today announced they now offer
interline electronic ticketing. Customers can use a single electronic
ticket (e-ticket) when their itineraries include travel on American and
Copa. Passengers with e-tickets also have the ability to rebook between American
and Copa without having to obtain a paper ticket first. Previously,
customers with e-tickets were required to convert to a paper ticket before
transferring between carriers. Interline e-tickets can be issued by
American and Copa through their respective reservation centers and at
airport locations and ticket offices.

With the addition of Copa, American now offers interline e-ticketing
convenience with 15 carriers, including most of the larger U.S. airlines
—Alaska Airlines, America West Airlines, American Trans Air, Aloha
Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines,
Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways—
plus three partners in the oneworld Alliance, Finnair, LanChile and Qantas.

Copa Airlines also offers interline e-ticketing with Continental Airlines
and plans to expand the convenient service to include several other

Nearly 90 percent of all American Airlines customers today travel on
electronic tickets, avoiding lines at the airport. e-tickets are the key
to using American’s growing array of automated services, including Flight
Check- In(sm) feature on, AA Curbside Check-In and the more than
700 AA Self- Service Check-In(R) machines provided at more than 85
airports. e-tickets cannot be lost or stolen and they make changes and
refunds easier. Interline e-ticketing also enables easier transfer between
carriers should a change of airline be necessary due to weather or other