Experience New York Nightlife Through the Eyes of an Insider

Experiencing New York nightlife has just become easier with the launch of
fastmetropolis.com, a new website that offers nightlife plans for
Manhattan according to a user’s specific tastes and preferences for
dining, drinking and clubbing.New York is a hard city to tackle with the strict velvet ropes, tough door
policies and new restaurants opening week after week. FAST METROPOLIS
stays on top of the scene all year long offering their clients the best
the city has to offer, from an insider’s point of view, and hassle-free.
FAST METROPOLIS will put their clients in touch with the hottest
restaurants, clubs and secret neighborhood hangouts.

The Internet-based service develops tickets for “New York City nightlife.”
A ticket is a customized nightlife plan for anyone (New Yorkers and
visitors) wanting to go out for a night on the town. Tickets are developed
by the company, based on the users unique, nightlife profile. Profiles are
generated on the site using a specified questionnaire filled out by the

Once the profile is captured, FAST METROPOLIS brings the TICKET to life by
using their experience to develop a nightlife plan best suited to the
client’s profile. Their connections are used to confirm reservations,
guest lists to parties, gallery openings, clubs and lounges and additional
options suggested by FAST representatives (includes all the phone calls).
The FAST TICKET is finalized within 24 hours and sent via email to the

FAST METROPOLIS pricing is based on a “per ticket” basis. One FAST TICKET
includes nightlife plans for one night at $85 (up to four people can be
included in the plans). A weekend TICKET (Friday and Saturday) costs $140
(up to four people). An additional fee applies for more than four people.

FAST METROPOLIS was founded by two veteran New Yorkers with extensive
experience in PR and Event Planning. Catering to a national/international
clientele who like to travel, meet new people and enjoy nightlife, FAST
METROPOLIS will be their connection to the city.


Visit http://www.fastmetropolis.com/ now for more information.