4oceans and Pegasus Announce Partnership at WTM

4oceans and Pegasus Solutions have announced a
comprehensive services agreement that enhances the capabilities and reach of
travel agencies in China.  The agreement, announced at WTM,  formalises 4oceans’ use of the
Pegasus switch, giving 4oceans platform subscribers, including more than
3,000 China-based travel agencies, access to the 50,000 hotels in Pegasus’
Online Distribution Database. 

In addition, 4oceans will use Pegasus’ commission processing services to
expedite the payment of commissions to 4oceans subscribers in China.  This
is an industry first and will bring automation and speed to the complicated
hotel commission collection process most Chinese agencies navigate today.
Finally, Pegasus’ Utell, representing the world’s largest collection of
independent hotels1, announced that it had signed a distribution agreement
with 4oceans to become a preferred supplier of hotel rooms from small chains
and independent hotels.
With Chinese authorities easing outbound visa requirements, the number of
tourists and business travellers leaving China for global destinations has
dramatically increased - topping more than 15.5 million trips in 2002. With
the SARS crisis receding and travel inquiries picking up, the ability of
Chinese travel agents to access global hotel inventory for their clients has
never been more critical. 

4oceans is the established leader in connecting Chinese agencies to live
inventory, and the inclusion of Pegasus’ participating hotels enhances the
services 4oceans offers to subscribers.  4oceans’ connection to the Pegasus
switch, along with Utell hotels’ status as a preferred supplier, gives
hotels around the world that distribute inventory via Pegasus increased
visibility at the point-of-sale in this burgeoning travel market.
A key component of this agreement is the provision of Pegasus’ commission
processing services, through 4oceans, to Chinese agencies.  Complex domestic
financial regulations present obstacles for Chinese agencies attempting to
collect commission payments directly from international hotels.  A unique
arrangement between Pegasus and 4oceans allows the payments collected from
the 35,000 hotels that participate in Pegasus commission processing to flow
through 4oceans to their subscribing agencies. 

This process saves time and money for 4oceans subscribers by maximising
collection of earned commissions and reducing currency exchange costs.
4oceans subscribers in China receive their commission payments in renminbi,
the Chinese currency.

“We decided to work with Pegasus because of the experience, reliability, and
flexibility of their connection services,” said David Yates, Chief Executive
of 4oceans.  “Major hotel groups also wanted the option to accept bookings
from 4oceans` subscribers directly into their property management systems.
By joining forces with Pegasus, we have killed these two birds with one
“We’re excited to work with 4oceans in this growing marketplace,” said Bob
Boles, executive vice president of sales and marking for Pegasus Solutions.
“In particular, we are pleased to aid Chinese travel agencies in the
collection of commission payments they have earned.  We look forward to a
mutually-beneficial relationship with 4oceans and its subscribers for years
to come.”