Galileo International Launches NeatAgent

Galileo International, a leading global distribution services (GDS) company and subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, today announced the launch in the United States of Galileo NeatAgent, a new dynamic packaging tool that provides traditional agencies with the ability to transform themselves into travel merchants and profit centers, better positioned to compete with both online and offline channels. With Galileo NeatAgent, Galileo-connected agencies can offer discounted “net rate” inventory up to 50 percent off comparable ‘a la carte’ booking prices. Galileo NeatAgent enables Galileo agents to customize travel packages combining at least two components of discounted airline, car and hotel rates, generating one low price for their customers.
By empowering Galileo subscribers with the ability to determine their own package selling price, Galileo NeatAgent can help agents offer competitive prices of 7 percent or more lower than similar packages currently available on Travelocity or Expedia, even with a 10 to15 percent agency mark-up. According to Galileo estimates, if an average mid-sized agency converts just 5 percent of its a la carte sales to Galileo NeatAgent dynamic packages, it has the potential to generate an incremental $200,000 revenue annually. Initial adoption rates for Galileo NeatAgent are high, with nearly 250 agencies registering for the product in the first 10 days of its availability.

“Galileo NeatAgent is an easy-to-use tool that provides our travel consultants with the ability to quickly create customized packages ‘on the fly.’ For agency owners, it is a way to maximize revenue on every sale, improve cash flow, and have confidence that you are not being ‘out-priced’ by the mega travel Web sites,” said Steven W. Hewins, president, Hewins/Carlson Wagonlit Travel of Portland, Maine, and initial Galileo NeatAgent subscriber.

Browser-based technology for Galileo NeatAgent enables agents to operate from anywhere, anytime, making it ideal for home-based agents. Its easy-to-use, point and click graphical-user interface helps agents to easily understand and learn how to navigate the tool. This is a key benefit for agencies, as productivity-enhancing capabilities allow them to serve more customers and allocate resources more efficiently, leading to additional cost savings. Galileo NeatAgent is available free of charge to all U.S. point-of-sale ARC-accredited Galileo subscribers.

“In an era of disappearing airline commissions, vacation packages have become an increasingly attractive and profitable product for travel agents. Galileo NeatAgent is a powerful source of new revenue for our agents. It provides the right tools, technology and discounted net rate content our agents need to capture a larger share of the vacation package market and better service their customers,” said Mitch Gross, executive vice president and general manager of Galileo’s Americas region.

“Following the launch of Preferred Fares Select and Galileo Web! Hotels, Galileo NeatAgent is another example in the continuum that Galileo has started to provide travel agents with solutions that present greater value and revenue opportunities, while providing suppliers ways to reduce total distribution costs. No other GDS offers a product similar to Galileo NeatAgent in its ability to address market realities and develop solutions that add value while reducing costs,” added Gross.