Medallia Implements Online Guest Retention System at OmniHotels

Medallia Inc.

announced today that it has completed implementation of its guest
retention system at Omni Hotels.
“With this implementation, Omni becomes
the fourteenth major hotel brand using the Medallia system nationwide,”
said Borge Hald, Chief Executive Officer of Medallia.
Using the Medallia solution, Omni surveys guests about their stay within
days of checking out of an Omni Hotel. Representatives of Omni Hotels
corporate and property management receive the results, along with
benchmarking data on competitive hotels, through Medallia’s patented
reporting system. Medallia developed the system specifically to allow
large companies with multiple customer contact points to assimilate large
amounts of customer feedback quickly and easily.

“Omni Hotels reviewed a number of different solutions and chose Medallia
because of the ease of use, speed and flexibility of its system,” said
Todd Scartozzi, Omni’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Medallia
offers a superior reporting solution that not only provides a wealth of
information, but also helps us improve guest service and retention.”

Medallia’s closed loop alert system makes the improvements in guest
retention possible, allowing hotel managers and corporate guest relations
departments to easily track follow-up on guest issues. This not only
improves the response time in handling guest issues, but also ensures that
all customer contact points have the same up-to-the-minute information.

“Another unexpected benefit is the positive reception this survey method
has had with our guests,” Scartozzi said. “We were previously using a
phone survey, and our response rate has almost doubled with the move to
Medallia’s online surveying. Now, we are able to survey a larger
percentage of our guests at a lower cost.”


“This positive guest reaction is common among all of Medallia’s clients,”
Hald said. “Hotel guests look at this as a means of immediate dialogue
with hotel management, and find it a convenient way to provide feedback.”

“We are very pleased that Omni chose Medallia,” said Hald. “It is our goal
to provide a tool that makes guest feedback instantly useful. Being
selected by Omni Hotels, with its premier brand name and reputation for
customer service, is affirmation of that objective.”