HVS Sydney Releases Sustainable Tourism Report

Overview of Fundamentals for the Successful Development of Tourist Destinations

Rutger Smits, Managing Director of HVS International‘s Sydney, Australia office, has just released an in-depth article entitled Sustainable Tourism, providing an overview of the fundamentals for the successful development of tourist destinations. As Smits explains, “Tourism is a unique industry. It creates its own demand through the creation of attractions and the provision of a supporting infrastructure. This philosophy follows the “build it and they will come” approach., which is why tourism has become the main source of income for remote and less developed destinations.”

“Despite the recognition of tourism’s potential as an economic growth stimulant, the successful development of a tourism destination is not as easy as it seems, ” Smits continues. “Sustainable development of tourism infrastructures are dependent on a complex array of criteria, usually case and destination specific.”

According to Smits’ article, existing visitation and product development trends show great promise for the future. Although mass tourism continues to drive visitor flows, there are shifts towards niche, special interest tourism and experiential tourism. Considerable opportunities are emerging to develop viable backpacker, food and wine, caravan, camping, cultural and heritage, nature-based and indigenous tourism products, for example, to attract more visitors and capitalise on higher visitor dispersal rates.

[image2_left] “In order to capitalise on these ever-changing opportunities,” adds Smits, “proper planning and a thorough assessment of development opportunities and constraints are vital. A moderate investment in professional support services will undoubtedly recoup itself through the long-term benefits derived from a sustainable and successful tourism project.”