Xpedite Introduces Campaign Management to the Travel Industry

As interest in coast-to-coast and international travel gradually rises, industry executives continue to entice and retain customers with new services and promotions. E-mail has become an increasingly important and cost-effective tool for marketers, airlines and hotels. However, according to a new study from Jupiter Research
, marketers must learn better methods of segmenting, targeting and measuring their messages. In addition, recent trends show that marketers fail to effectively use metrics to optimize their e-mail campaigns.

Xpedite, Inc.
is poised to introduce a new service called Campaign Management, that speaks to this very need within the travel industry. Xpedite’s Campaign Management Solution is a complete outsourced suite of services aimed towards helping companies deliver advanced e-mail marketing campaigns. The product supports the processing, customization, delivery, bounce handling and advanced reporting of high volumes of e-mail messages. This web based reporting, combined with Xpedite’s other tracking capabilities, graphically and numerically allows for customers to measure the efficiency of campaigns in order to determine how successful a campaign truly is - to the actual dollar spent by a recipient.

Benefits to travel executives who employ Campaign Management include the ability to:

Increase online purchasing of airline tickets, hotel reservations and vacation packages
Coordinate vacation offers with customers’ destination preferences
Analyze the efficiency of all online and person-to-person reservations
Receive professional reporting and analysis of customers travel behavior or routine
Evaluate customer response to each travel promototion
Build customer loyalty
Improve company and Web site visibility