World Travel Market Goes Wireless with

have announced today that in addition to hosting 10 internet cafes at the World Travel Market 2003, they will be providing free high-speed wireless access throughout ExCel. This is the first time in the history of the World Travel Market that high speed wireless access will be available throughout the entire ExCel exhibition centre.

This means that visitors with Wi-Fi - enabled laptop computers and handheld devices can enjoy continuous connectivity to the worldwide web at broadband speed at main exhibition halls, the common areas, Meridian Lounge and Press Centre.
Going wireless is the in thing when it comes to internet connectivity, and this is the first time such a sought after service is being brought to the World Travel Market, where business people with laptops can enjoy hassle-free internet service.
In addition, will be hosting 10 internet cafes at key locations throughout the exhibition including the Asia, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and UK areas. The Internet Cafes will offer a relaxed office environment that makes full use of the latest technology, offering speedy direct access, broadband internet terminals.
Technical expertise will be on hand from Internet Cafes to help visitors with any technical issues.
“Today’s exhibition visitors are more time-pressed than ever, and we think it’s important to meet the needs of busy professional lifestyles by offering services that are easy to use and relevant to their busy, on-the-go lives,” commented Graham Cooke. “We are leading the way in bringing this vital technology to millions of visitors who need a convenient place to work remotely or catch up on their correspondence while away from their home or office.
“I believe as the internet develops further, with faster connectivity, this free service will enable executives feel far more comfortable when they travel, so they can carry on doing their world work in the comfort of the trade show where they are meeting new people, face to face, and creating more business opportunities. IT is increasingly available at work and at home and business travellers aren’t willing to compromise a fast connection when they travel,” “We are pleased to offer this service to WTM exhibitors and visitors.” is the world’s largest directory of Virtual Tours and broadband-centric contents containing more than 14,000 Virtual Tours across over 110 cities and countries.
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