Northwind and HubX Form New Partnership

today announced the launch of a new interface between electronic reservations leader, HubX Systems
, and the NORTHWIND Maestro Property Management System. For the first time, independents and mid-market hotels using Maestro can yield manage rates on on-line and GDS reservations for greater Web revenue, and confirm on-line and GDS bookings through the laborsaving automated interface instead of via faxes. The new interface is currently installed and delivering GDS bookings at The Saint Paul Hotel and The Admiral Fell Inn who are Historic Hotels of America Member Properties.

“NORTHWIND took the lead by providing the next step in optimized online reservations booking technology with HubX,” said Warren Dehan, President of NORTHWIND’s US Operations. “Our new reservations interface with HubX, for the first time, lets properties apply consistent rate controls to third-party Web reservations. The Web booking advantages of this new HubX interface will enable Maestro users to more closely govern their positioning through the rates that are posted through the GDSes and other channels. We will continue to expand the interface capabilities and functionality of Maestro to help our clients drive revenue.” Maestro ensures that a property’s rate integrity is maintained through all booking channels.

Tom Murray, HubX Vice President of Technical Services, said, “The new interface with NORTHWIND provides fully-automated two-way communication between Maestro and HubX electronic reservation services. It delivers a high-speed, reliable communication that leverages the capabilities of Maestro’s yield management and pushes its optimized rate control functionality out to the Web. The interface between Maestro and HubX provides more timely and accurate information to the distribution channel while automating the reservations process and significantly reducing labor costs. Yield management capabilities are rare in electronic interfaces, particularly when integrating with GDS.”

The new NORTHWIND - HubX electronic reservation interface allows properties using Maestro to instantly communicate current availability and optimized rates to a large number of Internet hotel reservation sites and travel agents twenty-four hours a day through near real-time connectivity. The HubX interface saves properties’ time by eliminating manual intervention and maintains accurate availability for on-line booking sites by automating rates and communication between properties and the electronic channels, such as GDS, offering their rooms.