CruiseWiz Signs Cruise Planners as First Client to Roster

, the new business-to-business product line delivering customizable cruise access solutions, today announced Cruise Planners as the first client signed to its roster.

A national cruise agency that operates a franchised network of travel professionals, Cruise Planners is set to utilize the CruiseWiz API product. This set of services will provide Cruise Planners with the instruction manual to establish a direct connection to the major cruise lines, while maintaining complete control over the look and feel of their user interface.

“We decided to partner with CruiseWiz not only because of the high degree of flexibility in the product line, but also because they make APIs manageable for our developers,” states Michelle Fee, COO of Cruise Planners. “Our valuable IT resources don’t need waste valuable time figuring out the Amadeus API - with CruiseWiz, they have all the instructions and they’re up to speed.”


The CruiseWiz API is just one of four customizable products offered in the line. Other products include CruiseWiz 101, CruiseWiz Private Label, and CruiseWiz API Plus. These products allow all online businesses, whether specializing in the travel industry or not, to sell cruises. Options range from a complete, easy-to-implement cruise retailing solution to the CruiseWiz API Plus, which offers the instruction manual for developing a direct cruise line connection, plus rich content. With any CruiseWiz product, customer service and fulfillment are optional.



“The Cruise API product is ideal for established online travel businesses, such as Cruise Planners, that want to maintain complete autonomy with their existing branding and user interface,” states Mike Putman, Vice President of Vacations and Cruises for, the company that developed CruiseWiz. “For those businesses that still want a customized look without allocating in-house development resources, our CruiseWiz 101 and Private Label solutions provide all the inventory, content, and technology rolled into one.”