NTL Business Announces Agreement with North West Institute

NTL Business
(Travel Division) has announced an agreement with the North West Institute for Further and Higher Education - based in Northern Ireland - to supply the college with its leading agency selling system, Traveleye.
The North West Institute for Further and Higher Education - which is situated in Londonderry - is Northern Ireland’s second largest institute for further and higher education, and plays a major role in delivering training in leisure, travel and tourism.

The college purchased Traveleye to coincide with the start of the educational year, and the system will be used as an information and training tool for students enrolled on the college’s leisure, tourism and travel courses including the newly-developed Foundation Degree in Travel and Tourism Management.

Tim Roberts, Principal Lecturer at the North West Institute’s Department of Business Services commented: “Incorporating ‘real-life’ technology into coursework is all part of the Institute’s focus on excellence in training for the travel and tourism industry.

“The installation of Traveleye has meant our students are now able to practice on a state-of-the-art system, providing them with hands-on, vocational experience - and therefore the best preparation for excellence and success in the industry,”

Jill Cox, Marketing Director at NTL Business (Travel Division) added: “NTL Business (Travel Division) is delighted to announce this agreement with the North West Institute for Further and Higher Education. We hope that Traveleye will provide students with a useful tool for developing their knowledge of the industry.”


Traveleye is the industry’s leading agency selling system and is used by over 6500 agents. The system provides access to the viewdata reservations systems of over 100 tour operators and other travel suppliers for availability checking and bookings, and allows agents to run up to five searches simultaneously.