Galileo International Global Leader in E-Ticketing Deployment

Galileo International
is supporting the airline industry’s global campaign
toward completely paperless, electronic ticketing for air travel, saving
airlines an estimated $8-$10(1) per ticket and up to $369 million annually for
carriers worldwide. Galileo estimates that by implementing E-ticketing, the
average U.S. Galileo travel agency can save $398,000 per year in personnel
time, ticket delivery, and shipping and handling costs.  Extending its
position as the leading GDS in E-ticketing capabilities, 54 carriers now
deploy Galileo’s electronic ticketing solutions in 43 countries worldwide.
In 1996, Galileo became the first GDS to offer electronic ticketing and
recognized the value and savings of the innovation. At that time, Galileo
offered to make E-ticketing the default option for all eligible routes, an
option the majority of its airline customers have chosen to accept.  Airlines
and travel agents in the United States were the first to realize the benefits
of E-ticketing solutions.  Today, 91% of Galileo-issued tickets in the U.S.
for the major airlines are electronic. Globally, nearly 50% of Galileo-issued
tickets in eligible countries are electronic.
  “Our goal is to reach 100% electronic ticketing in countries where E-
ticketing is deployed,” said Ken Esterow, executive vice president of airline
services for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services Division.  “E-tickets
support our business strategy of reducing costs and increasing value. It’s a
benefit for airlines, Galileo travel agents and their customers; reducing
ticket costs, streamlining airport check-in, avoiding fees when paper tickets
are issued and overall, increasing convenience and efficiency.”
  “Electronic ticketing is an important element of Continental’s attempt to
reduce costs and offer greater efficiency to customers,” said John Slater,
managing director of Distribution Planning, Continental Airlines. “Galileo has
helped Continental significantly increase the volume of E-Tickets,
particularly by supporting adoption in markets where agency E-Ticketing was
not possible only a few years ago.”
  “We are delighted to have extended electronic ticketing to Apollo
subscribers in the United States, Canada and Mexico to supplement what we
already have in place with Galileo in our home market of Brazil and our key
European markets in Germany, Portugal, and Spain,” said Patricia Cordilha,
manager, Distribution Systems, Varig Airlines of Brazil.