e-Travel Unveils Aergo V6, Travel Industry’s First Global

Bringing new time and cost efficiencies to the
traditional online business travel booking model,e-Travel  is rolling out e-Travel Aergo V6 - the first single-platform, global booking tool for an increasingly cost-conscious corporate travel market.
  “Companies and travel agencies need software solutions that will adapt to
their business as they evolve, without the hassle of purchasing multiple
products to accommodate local requirements,” said e-Travel managing
director, Ian Wheeler. “For businesses looking to save time and money, the booking productivity enhancements built into Aergo V6 will open a lot of eyes.”

Wheeler describes Aergo V6 as “Traveler-friendly, travel manager-minded
and travel agency-supported, delivering corporate and travel agent
customers a flexible, one-stop, online booking solution for managed travel
programs of every size and scope.”

Aergo V6 will be making its debut October 12-14 at the ACTE (Association
of Corporate Travel Executives) Global Conference in Dublin (e-Travel
booth #19).  In addition to pioneering the industry’s first global
platform for travel booking, Aergo V6:

* Enables travel managers and travel agents to manage multiple, global
travel programs and policies from a single, secure, Web source.

* Supports all local market requirements, including languages,
currencies, travel suppliers, low cost carriers, travel content, and
date/time formats.

* Provides a multi-GDS platform that supports Amadeus, and all other
major GDSs.

* Delivers a new interface that lets travelers display preferred
content (including weather, trip status and flight schedules) on a single

* Integrates with Master Pricer, Amadeus’ low-fare search engine,
offering up to 200 options on pricing for hundreds of domestic and
international airfares.

* Features improved hotel shopping.
* Allows for faster implementation and deployment times.

“While several online booking vendors offer technology with some local
market features, such as languages and currencies,” said Oracle Travel Manager for EMEA,  Marilyn Clifton, “e-Travel simplifies the process or us as it is managed from a single administration module.  This has been
especially important to Oracle as its managed travel programme has
expanded from the United States into Europe.”  “With Aergo V6, “Clifton
added, “we’ll have tightly integrated reporting options for worldwide
travel management.”


Wheeler noted that the e-Travel team combined extensive local market
knowledge with the Amadeus unit’s global expertise and resources to
deliver a solution that saves time and money. “Aergo V6 gives customers
peace of mind because they know that if they operate in one country today, and 10 tomorrow, Aergo’s single platform model is flexible enough - yet
powerful enough - to meet the different challenges posed by each
individual market.”

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