Toshiba Launches Notebook with Windows XP Media Centre Edition

The Computer Systems Division of Toshiba Europe GMbH has launched the

world’s only notebook to incorporate Microsoft’s ground breaking Windows XP

Media Centre Edition.  With Media Centre on board the newest addition to

the Satellite P20 series, will offer users a truly mobile entertainment



With its 17-inch diagonal wide screen XGA display, Toshiba’s Satellite P20

series is the best-suited notebook PC to view DVD movies, play video games

or view documents side-by-side.  The addition of the Microsoft Windows XP

Media Centre Edition to the Satellite P20 means users can record their

favourite TV programmes and movies to the notebook from broadcast, cable or

satellite sources for later viewing, expanding the functionality of the

notebook from a simple productivity device to a central home entertainment


The flexibility of the Satellite P20 allows it to be used on it’s own as a

powerful mobile media centre or as a complimentary addition to existing

entertainment interfaces, such as televisions and stereos.


Advanced display technology in the Satellite P20 reinforces Toshiba’s clear

leadership in portable display technology.  The 17-inch screen boasts a

unique number, 1440-by-900, super crisp pixels in a wide screen 16:10


Whether watching DVD movies, listening to CDs or playing the latest

graphic-intensive games via the integrated DVD-Multi drive, users will

experience the fastest 3D graphics imagery and enjoy sound from the Harman

Kardon stereo speakers.


With processor power hitting as much as 3.20 GHz with Hyper-Threading

Technology, up to 80GB hard disk drive (5400 rpm), 512 MB RAM, NVIDIA

GeForce FX Go5200 graphics processing unit and much more, the Satellite P20

is offering a true multi-media experience.  This unprecedented combination

of specifications delivers unbeatable systems responsiveness and

performance while conducting two or more processor-intensive applications

such as computer gaming and encoding digital media simultaneously.  In

addition to this, the flexibility of Module Bays means optical drives can

be swapped for a second battery or hard drive, adding to the flexibility of

the product.


“By partnering with Microsoft to provide a portable Media Centre solution,

Toshiba is able to supply users with some of the best tools to enjoy

digital media, in an environment of their choosing.” Said Andy Bass,

director and general manager of Toshiba Information Systems, UK “The

combination of these two technologies will allow people to get the most out

of their digital media experiences, without being tied to a desk, which

shows that notebooks are continually becoming superior to desktops.”


For added productivity, both units feature widescreen displays that allow

users to easily view two documents side-by-side, ideal for editing

documents and multitasking. Including the newest Intel® Pentium® 4

processor with HT Technology of up to 3.2GHz, backed up by an advanced

800MHz system bus and supporting Hyper-Threading Technology result in

unprecedented computing power for watching movies, playing games or making

your own music. Hyper-Threading Technology, which was pioneered on Intel’s

advanced server processors, helps your PC work more efficiently by

maximising processor resources and enabling a single processor to run two

separate threads of software simultaneously.