HeBS to Expand Joie De Vivre Hospitality Online Presence

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies
(HeBS) today announced a service agreement with Joie De Vivre
(JDV) Hospitality JDV () will work with HeBS to develop a comprehensive direct online distribution strategy to substantially increase direct bookings, and decrease dependence on the online intermediaries.

HeBS services will consist of four basic components: Direct online distribution strategy, Website optimization services, integration of Internet best practices, and eMarketing services. eMarketing services include Pay-Per-Click and email marketing, link popularity and link creation, and a destination Web strategy to leverage the popularity and the exceptional features of the destinations in which JDV hotels are located. As a result of this comprehensive approach, full implementation of the strategy delivers a more profitable booking mix, higher revenue per available room (RevPAR), and substantially lower distribution costs through third party vendors.

According to Max Starkov
, HeBS president and CEO, “Many hoteliers appreciate how critical creating an effective direct-to-consumer online distribution strategy is to the economic health and ultimate success of their hotels. JDV clearly understands the competitive advantages of lessening dependence on online discounters to avoid price and brand erosion, combined with an aggressive direct distribution strategy. These Web initiatives will turn their hotels into the hero of the Bay area destination, and enable Internet visitors to appreciate the best that the Bay area offers in hospitality.”

Hoteliers are recognizing the importance of direct-to-consumer online distribution, the long-term competitive advantages of creating interactive relationships with their clients, and leveraging the popularity of the destination to their own advantage. They are now committing more resources to direct channel services to secure their own robust presence on the Web and reinforce direct communication with their customers.

The benefits are substantial. Developing a direct online distribution strategy that strengthens direct channels can avoid price and brand erosion, control distribution costs, and enable hotels to maximize revenues by better managing their inventory. This is accomplished by creating a pro-active strategy that combines evolving best Internet practices with a comprehensive destination web strategy and an overall aggressive direct web presence.


“We created a very dynamic interactive website which enhances the user experience to a new level. Travelers can now use Yvette, our Hotel Matchmaker, to find a hotel that best suits their personality. Our new site has generated significant media attention,” noted Chip Conley, chairman and CEO of Joie De Vivre Hospitality. “But we appreciate the challenges presented by intermediaries and recognized to be successful with Yvette, awareness of the Website must be enhanced. Therefore, our initial goal, with HeBS’ help, is a 50% increase in direct bookings to start, to drive direct contact higher so that we control the distribution of our product and enable us to communicate directly with customers wherever it makes sense. Adopting a direct online distribution strategy coupled with a destination-based approach will help us achieve those aggressive goals.”