Travel Industry Still Leads the Way in Broadband Uptake

This week, the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) released statistics showing a strong growth in the take up of business broadband. Figures from Telewest Travel show that the travel sector has far outpaced this market-wide adoption…
The BCC report concludes that the proportion of UK companies with broadband access has increased from 19% to 39% in the past year. In comparison, Telewest Travel
has announced that 62% of new travel agency connections in the past six months have opted for broadband, proving exceptional growth of broadband usage in the travel sector.

Keith Webber, head of Telewest Travel, said:  ” The travel industry is embracing broadband technology at such a great rate because of the growing need to access high volumes of information quickly. The Travel sector is a low margin industry - broadband is appealing principally because of its affordability, and of course the improved functionality is a bonus.

We are also seeing an increased uptake of broadband at the ‘grass roots’ independent travel agent level, which is very encouraging as it shows a recognition of the benefits of technology throughout the industry, not just amongst the larger players”

The BCC survey found that many firms still do not recognise the full benefits of upgrading to high-speed web services, a problem which does not apply to the travel industry, where the benefits are more clear cut and easily communicated.
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