Virtual Agent Services Continues to Grow

Robert Camastro, President of Virtual-Agent Services announced today that the company has reached an important milestone in its expansion: exceeding the 500 full-time agents mark.

“We opened our first rural community call center in October 1999 in the small town of Sussex in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada,” he said. “In just four years, that one center has grown to eight, and we expect to grow to over 2000 employees at the same dramatic rate, thanks to increasing demands from businesses seeking to outsource contact center services while maintaining or even increasing customer satisfaction.

The award-winning Virtual-Agent Services (VAS) Distributed Workforce Concept allows the company to locate contact centers in rural communities throughout the province of New Brunswick while networking the centers through advanced telephony technology into one “virtual” call center. This allows VAS the same flexibility and resources as traditional all-under-one-roof large centers but warrants better results. The targeted geographic areas offer untapped resources of high quality, work-ready labor, affording opportunity to those with otherwise limited career prospects. This assures VAS’ clients that they are receiving top quality service from experienced employees.

VAS provides a variety of call center support options including inbound sales and customer service, customer account maintenance, credit management, and travel reservations to major companies in five different industries including financial, retail sales, travel and hospitality, and utility services. The company was recently recognized by Fast Company magazine as a “Fast 50 Innovator” and by with a Members Choice Award for Best US Outsourcing.

“The proof of the VAS approach is in our results,” commented Robert Camastro, in announcing the milestone and the company’s further growth plans. “VAS contact centers consistently deliver some of the highest customer satisfaction scores and lowest attrition rates in the industry. Our clients tell us that our way is the best. Now we must continue to expand in order to meet the demand without changing the formula that has been so successful.”