ABACUS Enables e-ticketing for Qantas Airways

-connected travel agencies in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore are now able to issue electronic tickets (e-tickets) to their customers for travel on Qantas Airways

E-ticketing is a real-time method for airlines and travel agents to issue
tickets. Individual ticket information is stored within the airline’s
reservation system and can be retrieved electronically. Abacus-connected
travel agents in the three countries have been able to issue e-tickets on
Qantas Airways flights to their customers since September 12, 2003.

“While the use of e-ticketing has been widespread in North America, to
implement it in the region, we had to take into account the unique features of the Asian market. Abacus has been actively adapting existing e-ticketing technology to best suit the needs of the Asian traveller and travel agent over the past year,” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal, Vice President, Head of Associate Sales, Abacus International Pte Ltd.

“We have successfully implemented e-ticketing for many airlines in
Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and
Thailand and we are planning on rolling out this solution in more
countries and with more airlines in the near future,” continued Mr Sarreal.

Abacus is currently working on implementing e-ticketing capabilities in
Indonesia and the Philippines. They have received positive feedback from agents and travellers for their efforts to introduce this method of
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