Dolphin Dynamics Redefine Mid and Back Office Systems

Dolphin Dynamics Ltd
, developers of FlightScanner, have announced the immediate release of Dolphin 4 its flagship agency automation system. This new version incorporates numerous customer suggestions, has been re-architected for greater flexibility and easier enhancement in the future and most significantly it includes a sophisticated customer profile and marketing database.
At the beginning of 2000, Dolphin Dynamics took the strategic decision to redefine the entire concept of a “mid/back office system”. At that time the company was enjoying tremendous success in the travel agency marketplace with Dolphin 2.9 which provides unrivalled productivity gains to its users through automating the fulfilment and back-office agency functions. It was here that Dolphin Dynamics saw the opportunity to turn Dolphin into a selling system that also automates fulfilment and the back office rather than purely a mid/back office system.

With the general decline in travel sales from 2001 onwards, the value of a combined selling and automation system has become even greater as agencies need to both increase sales and cut costs to compete in today’s climate. Thus Dolphin Dynamics devoted most of its development resources for the past three years to re-engineering Dolphin to empower agencies to win more business while continuing to enjoy the efficiency gains that Dolphin has always offered.

With its flexible pricing functionality, automated document production and real time data capture from all four Global Distribution Systems as well as Viewdata, FlightScanner, Datalex’s BookIt! Fares and potentially any other booking system via XML, Dolphin 4 enables sales consultants to focus on selling rather than administering bookings. At the same time, those consultants have access to each traveller’s profile including their preferences and entire booking history enabling the consultants to up-sell or cross-sell other relevant products and services. Finally, Dolphin 4 includes a flexible marketing database that allows users to tightly segment and target their customers for postal mailshots, telemarketing and/or emailshots and then monitor the success of these different direct marketing campaigns.

The above breakthrough selling solution is fully integrated with the complete suite of Dolphin back office modules including vendor payment reconciliation, electronic BSP reconciliation, ATOL support user configurable MIS and corporate reporting, travel accounting, quality control, configurable workflow management and full security administration.

Finally, Dolphin has been engineered to give travel agencies a platform for integration and growth into the future. From its initial incarnation, Dolphin was developed as a client/server system thus ensuring complete scalability from 1 user to 1000+ user sites and enabling users to extract and interrogate the client, booking and financial data using whatever ODBC based tool they choose. Dolphin 4 extends this design to include an OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) derived XML messaging interface and multi-tiered code architecture.


Dolphin Dynamics President, Roberto Da Re
says, “Three years ago we took a real gamble when we decided to invest so much time and money in completely redesigning Dolphin for Windows, especially at a time when it was already well ahead of the market. However, judging from the reaction we have had from both existing and new customers who have already moved to Dolphin 4, it is obvious that we made the right choice. Travel agencies of all types can immediately see the tremendous potential for boosting sales and increasing productivity throughout their agency by having a single customer centric system that contains all of their client, travel and financial information in one database.”

Dolphin 4 is available now for new customers who are looking for a revolutionary system that will simultaneously boost sales and cut costs. Existing Dolphin for Windows on a current maintenance plan are entitled to upgrade to Dolphin 4 free of charge and will be contacted by Dolphin Dynamics over the coming months to organise their upgrade.