TOWARD Europe Meeting to Address Industry Profitability

TOWARD Europe, the pioneering organisation created to maximise the commercial success and profitability of travel industry companies, has announced it will hold its next members meeting on 3 October at the TUC building in London.

The event will address the issue of industry profitability - the sector’s hot topic - following one of the most difficult trading periods ever. Speakers will include The British Retail Consortium (BRC), Online Travel Corporation (OTC), Anite Travel Systems and CT2. The session will also include an update from TOWARD Europe’s acting chairman and IT director at Cosmos, Alister Beveridge, and breakout meetings of the organisation’s two working groups.

The event’s centrepiece will be an industry panel discussion on the topic of improving industry profitability, involving representatives from OTC, CT2 and Anite. The debate will be chaired by leading travel journalist and ex-editor of Travel Weekly, Jeremy Skidmore.

Keynote speaker, Jeremy Beadles, commercial director of the British Retail Consortium, will anecdote the success of his own organisation, looking at how the BRC has produced change in the retail sector and highlighting the company’s milestones.

Members will also hear updates from the TOWARD Europe management committee, and the organisation’s two working groups - ‘Travel Supplier to Tour Operator’ and ‘Tour Operator to Distribution Channel’.


p>Alister Beveridge, TOWARD Europe’s acting-chairman and Group IT director of Cosmos, said: “We have chosen a theme for the meeting which not only ties in with the aims of TOWARD Europe, but also tackles the most pressing issues faced by the industry as a whole.


“The presentation from the British Retail Consortium will provide a valuable example of how well an organisation can work to produce change, delivering to our members constructive input from a successful industry organisation operating in an entirely separate space.”