Rosenbluth Lands Over $110 Million in New Business

Rosenbluth International
today announced that it has together obtained and retained a total of over $350 million in new and renewed travel management contracts this year, including over $110 million since the company’s July 15, 2003, acquisition announcement with American Express. Following a successful 2003 growth initiative and an aggressive sales plan post-announcement, recent new wins include: Teletech Holdings Inc., KeyMRO, and a joint award with Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (NGMS) to service a General Services Administration eTravel contract for the United States government.

Teletech, serviced out of Chicago, will utilize a customized selection of Rosenbluth’s products and services, including Travelpost and iVISION, an online reporting tool that provides greater visibility into a company’s travel information. 

Rosenbluth will provide KeyMRO, a sourcing company for non-production goods and services operating globally and based in France, with a significant return on investment via a customized solution in North America and Italy, which includes the best of Rosenbluth’s product offering including: iVISION, Global Security Suite, ResMonitor Suite, SmartTicket and DACODA. 
“Rosenbluth’s global capabilities, top-level customer service, and industry-renowned technology provided us with the obvious choice,” said Dick Wissink of KeyMRO. “We’re looking forward to working with this best-in-class agency whose core competencies and service offerings stand out from the competition.”

Additionally, Rosenbluth will provide transaction fulfillment for various U.S. government agencies under a contract, which is part of President Bush’s e-Travel initiative, aimed to cut costs through electronic transactions.

“Corporations continue to expect more and more from their travel program investment, which is why the scope of our business, including our expansive international reach and local expertise, remains a very attractive choice,” said Ron DiLeo, COO, Strategic Travel Solutions, Rosenbluth International. “I’m confident our global platform and product portfolio will benefit our new clients’ travel programs and their business travelers while delivering them a significant value.”


“Despite the skepticism about Rosenbluth’s ability to attract and retain new business following the American Express acquisition announcement, we continue to clearly demonstrate aggression combined with a significant value proposition on top of an unmatched product offering,” said Alex Wasilov
, president and chief operating officer of Rosenbluth International. “And as we move towards closing our acquisition with American Express, we’re confident our merged operations will exponentially improve our ability to service clients in a way no other travel management company has before.”

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