iJET and Airo Wireless Offer Real-Time Travel Alerts

iJET Travel Risk Management
and Airo Wireless Media (Airo) today announced a partnership that will allow travelers to carry a mobile phone that both receives real-time travel alerts and ensures that in an emergency travelers can be located within an accuracy of 10 meters - worldwide. This technology also allows targeted intelligence to follow travelers as their travel plans and location change.

Under the new partnership, Airo’s GSM+GPS mobile telematics handsets and location-based tracking solutions will complement iJET’s existing range of travel risk management services.  iJET is the global leader in travel risk management, with state-of-the-art tracking solutions, a network of travel advisory information, and medical and security assistance services. The partnership will allow iJET to utilize the Benefon Esc! and Track Pro mobile handsets for its personnel tracking and security programs, both in the United States and abroad.

The Benefon handsets being utilized will each have a unique user-programmable panic button which, when activated, automatically notifies iJET’s 24/7 call center, sending the traveler’s precise location via the handset’s on-board GPS chip, while simultaneously opening a speaker phone voice channel call.  Users can now use a single device both to receive iJET’s global Travel Intelligence® alerts and to be located in an emergency. 


“This partnership enhances iJET’s ability to push destination-specific information to travelers as unforeseen events alter their planned itinerary,” said Greg Meyer, CTO of iJET. “Travel plans can change dramatically as unforeseen events or emergencies occur. This partnership with Airo gives iJET the capability to track travelers based on their actual physical location rather than their planned itinerary-an industry first that will benefit many of iJET’s clients at the forefront of travel risk management.”



Lance Paulick, Director of Business Development of Airo, added, “We are excited about the partnership with iJET. Providing customers with real-time information and peace of mind is what the Benefon telematics solutions are all about