Corus Hotels Provide Wireless Technology for Business Travellers

Corus hotels
has equipped 33 of its hotels with BT Openzone access points, allowing guests to have wireless access to the Internet, direct from their own laptop, at broadband speed. By using the BT Openzone service, guests and visitors will be able to securely access corporate intranets, send and receive emails and browse the Web while away from the office.

The hotels - which stretch from the Hampshire to Glasgow - have installed BT Openzone access points.  Wireless technology means users will not have to plug into the telephone network. The access points will enable business people to effectively work at speed on laptops, improving productivity while away from the office. 

Based on the latest wireless technology, BT Openzone will give Corus customers the flexibility of mobile working on a broadband high-speed Internet connection.  They will be able to transfer and download large documents, images and video streams at speeds in excess of 500kps, almost 10 times faster than a standard 56k modem. 


All users need is a laptop, a wireless LAN access card and to be within 100 metres of an access point, which all display the BT Openzone logo.  They can then log onto to subscribe to the service.



Aside from Corus hotels, users can also access BT Openzone in motorway service stations, airports, railway stations, conference centres, shopping centres and coffee shops across the UK.


“The installation of BT Openzone demonstrates Corus hotels’ commitment to business travellers,” said Phillip Moston, Sales & Marketing Director at Corus hotels. “We realise that being able to work effectively while on the move is now a key requirement. This service harnesses state-of-the-art technology to create an ideal environment for true mobile working.”


Dave Hughes, director, BT Mobility, said: “BT is at the forefront of a mobile, broadband-powered working - something we believe is essential for businesses to achieve the agility they need to compete and succeed in today’s market place. BT Openzone customers now have access to 700 sites across to UK and we are delighted that Corus hotels have become part of this network. Openzone enables our customers to have greater flexibility and control over their work, meaning they can work effectively wherever they are - in the office, on the move or away on business.”