Hilton International selects TravelCLICK’s RateVIEW

Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of
, announced today that, after an extensive evaluation, Hilton

is endorsing TravelCLICK’s RateVIEW Internet rate intelligence
tool to its nearly 400 properties worldwide.
With its selection by Hilton International, TravelCLICK now supplies more
than 2,000 hotels with RateVIEW. RateVIEW enables
hotels to generate rate comparison reports on their competitive set in a
wide range of channels, based on user-defined criteria. It is also the only
report that allows hotels to separately identify retail from merchant
(wholesale) rates on various travel Web sites. The report is accessible
on-demand through TravelCLICK’s client extranet, the Electronic Marketing
Centre (EMC), a secure, personalized, password-protected site.

“Given the intensely competitive nature of the marketplace today, and the
increasing importance of having real-time information with which to make
dynamic pricing decisions, RateVIEW allows hotels to identify opportunities
and changes in rates with information that is always just minutes old,” said
Richard W. Gray, chairman and co-CEO of TravelCLICK. “That’s one of the
things that makes RateVIEW unique, and this capability is fundamental to
maximizing net revenue from both the Internet and the GDS electronic

“Hilton International hotels will use the RateVIEW report to enhance the
visibility of competitor pricing and to maintain competitive advantage. With
the accessibility of TravelCLICK’s EMC, our hotels have total control and
flexibility to generate reports on demand,” said Jerome Wise, director of
channel marketing for Hilton International. “Our hotels will be able to make
informed decisions, which will create a more competitive environment for the

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