Delivering Customer Service Becomes Plain Sailing for SeaFrance with TISL

SeaFrance Limited, the only French ferry operator on the Dover to Calais route, is working with voice recording and event capture solution provider TISL, to improve the quality of service it delivers to its global customer base.  The solution, valued at £40,000, is for TISL’s Eventra(tm) voice recording software which has been rolled out across SeaFrance, 24x7 inbound Contact Centre in Dover.
By implementing Eventra, SeaFrance is aiming to enhance the quality of service it delivers to their customers each year. By monitoring and analysing the skills of their Travel Consultants, they can provide each employee with the appropriate training to improve and develop these skills.  SeaFrance expects to see improvements in customer service, as well as staff satisfaction and retention.

Lee Cornwall, Contact Centre Manager for SeaFrance, comments, “As in any other customer facing organisation dealing with large numbers of members of the public - of multiple nationalities - we place a very high value on our levels of customer service. It is not just a case of ensuring that all our employees are equipped and able to answer the questions they get asked by our customers; but about managing the Contact Centre to ensure the consistency of our high quality brand image across all areas of the organisation.”


Previously, SeaFrance had monitored the performance of its Travel Consultants through live observation and the use of cassette recording facilities. However, this was not considered an effective way of monitoring the overall performance or levels of customer service as individuals would know when they were being observed and consciously change their behaviour accordingly.



SeaFrance decided to invest in a voice recording solution to enable it to record and monitor all incoming calls from SeaFrance’s customers 24x7.  This ensured a true reflection of the ability of the individual consultants and the overall level of customer service that the Contact Centre was achieving.


SeaFrance selected the Eventra solution from TISL after an evaluation of a number of products available on the market. Eventra was chosen for a number of reasons which included its functionality, ease of use and its ability to integrate with pre-existing infrastructure.  This will allow expansion into other areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Quality Management. In addition, as is increasingly important in the industry, all calls and files are encrypted and are admissible in a court of law, should the need ever arise. The final factor in the decision making process was cost; Eventra was extremely competitively priced compared to other available solutions.


Lee Cornwall explains, “Eventra makes it extremely easy for us to quickly find, playback and review individual calls. In addition, it is so intuitive as a product that managers can spend most of their time analysing and improving business performance - rather than searching for the information they need to analyse in the first place. Finally, the solution offers us a very straightforward means of adding new modules, functionality and business analysis tools.”


He continues, “We are extremely satisfied with both the solution and the service that TISL has provided us with. We are seeing significant improvements in the quality of our customer service and also in our levels of employee satisfaction and retention - exactly the goals that we set out to achieve.”