Britannia Airways Takes Off With Livelink

Open TextT Corporation,
provider of Livelink®, the leading collaboration and knowledge management
software for the global enterprise, today announced Britannia Airways
developed a cabin crew briefing system based on Livelink. Making extensive
use of Livelink’s robust collaboration and knowledge management solution,
the Web-based system reduces delays and passenger frustration by improving
the flow of information to flight crews.
Britannia Airways, the world’s leading holiday airline, selected Livelink to
provide Internet access to critical flight information. Livelink’s Web-based
architecture facilitates the flow of information and enables Britannia
Airways to prepare and brief cabin crew staff at anytime of the day,
anywhere in the world without having to rely on print hardcopies.

“Timeliness is the key to remaining competitive and profitable in the
airline industry,” said John Gough, Programme Manager e-Commerce, Britannia
Airways. “Every extra minute we have to spend reading through flight and
staff roster changes, is another minute we are not in the air and another
minute the airline is not being profitable. Livelink provides the
capabilities we require to run as efficiently and productively as possible.”

Britannia Airways realises substantial return on its investment (ROI) in
Livelink through a variety of tangible and intangible benefits:

Automated routine administrative tasks reduce paper costs
Standardised electronic workflows speed approval processes
Ease-of-use keeps end-user training cost-effective
Discussion forums allow staff to efficiently communicate duty and schedule

Livelink facilitates Britannia Airways’ compliance with existing legal
statutes requiring airlines to brief cabin crews prior to departure. As the
organisation’s information portal, Livelink serves as a front-end gateway,
providing pilots and cabin crew with access to scheduled flight information,
such as special meal requirements, in-flight duty-free promotions, staff
schedules and safety information regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority
(CAA). The CAA is the UK’s independent aviation regulator, with all civil
aviation regulatory functions (economic regulation, airspace policy, safety
regulation and consumer protection) integrated within a single specialist


“The security that effective knowledge sharing provides has become critical
to all airlines. With Livelink, Britannia Airways has the knowledge
management and collaboration tools necessary to keep staff informed with
accurate information in real-time, as soon as it becomes available,” said
Mike Farrell, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Open
Text. “We look forward to building on the successes we’ve already achieved
with Britannia Airways.”