AT&T Wireless Offers New Color-Screen BlackBerry Handheld

Expanding its portfolio of BlackBerry handhelds, AT&T Wireless
is now offering customers the BlackBerry 7210 Wireless Handheld? - a new color-screen handheld with international roaming capabilities. The new handheld developed by Research In Motion runs on AT&T Wireless’ Next Generation GSM?/GPRS network, providing wireless phone, text messaging, email, Web browsing and organizer access in dozens of countries across the globe.

The BlackBerry 7210 Wireless Handheld provides customers with wireless access to their personal and corporate email, including attachments, for users of Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and popular Internet Service Provider email accounts. AT&T Wireless’ extensive network of global roaming partners provides business travelers with the ability to check email in thirty-two countries and place phone calls in more than one hundred nations using the new BlackBerry handheld.

AT&T Wireless’ data plans for BlackBerry handhelds start at only $39.99 per handheld per month, and optional voice calling plans start at only $19.99 per handheld per month. Customers can purchase the BlackBerry 7210 directly through AT&T Wireless’ sales channels.