Launches Wireless Traveler
has announced the launch of MSNBC Wireless Traveler, an ideal way for “Unwired” mobile professionals to stay on top of the latest news and information from the most trusted news source on the Web.  Wireless Traveler is available at

Designed especially for users of laptop PCs featuring Intel® Centrino(tm) mobile technology, MSNBC Wireless Traveler lets mobile computer users synch-and-go at wireless “hotspots” around the U.S. to get easy access to the latest news, including top national and international coverage, business, sports and entertainment updates from and NBC News. The content is then available in rich HTML format, complete with the latest multimedia clips and MSNBC Interactives. This “occasionally connected” scenario complements Intel Centrino mobile technology, which brings exceptional performance, battery life and integrated wireless capability into increasingly lightweight and stylish notebook designs.

Wireless Traveler was designed to take advantage of the growing number of “hotspots” providing wireless Internet access in airport terminals, hotel lobbies, cafes and other public spaces.  With MSNBC Wireless Traveler, mobile professionals such as frequent fliers can now synchronize the latest news, interactives and free video from to their laptops before boarding to view during a long flight. 


“Wireless Traveler alleviates the frustration of being disconnected by allowing mobile professionals a means to stay on top of the day’s news,” said Scott Moore (Pictured), president of  “We are thrilled to be working with Intel to offer this new way for our users to access content - even at 36,000 feet.” 



“Intel Centrino Mobile Technology is the next generation in notebook computing, providing integrated wireless capabilities to give users the freedom to connect wherever they are.  Our vision is to have the industry deliver compelling content and applications that can support the increasingly wireless lifestyle of mobile users,” said Ann Lewnes, vice president, Intel Sales and Marketing Group, and director, Intel Inside® Program and Co-Marketing. “Intel is delighted to work with leading companies like MSNBC to deliver on this promise.”