Travel-less meetings at the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai

In the fast paced world of digital technology, the
Taj Palace Hotel Dubai aims at promoting travel-less meetings via introduction of its Video Conferencing facilities. The one amongst very few hotels offering state-of-the-art video teleconferencing facility available at its Al Khaimah Ballroom and Taj Platinum meeting room.
The Video Conferencing facility at the Taj Palace Dubai enables one to conduct meetings with another party face-to-face over any distances. This technology takes meetings to a different level allowing more flexibility on location and availability of individuals to conduct meetings without having to travel or even when on the road. It allows satellite connectivity to another party or multiple parties at one time.

To conduct a videoconference from Dubai to Europe would cost around AED 3000 (U$800 approx) for two hours. From Dubai to India, the same would cost AED 3320 (U$900 approx). These rates include the usual Etisalat standard connection fee and other initiating charges. 

Yannick Poupon, General Manager of Taj Palace Hotel Dubai comments, ” Currently, the use of this facility is not widespread yet. The facility is available in the market. Being one of the only few hotel properties in Dubai offering this facility, we are constantly encouraging our guests to make use of this service due to the flexibility it allows them in conducting their meetings, especially this will prove to be popular soon for the corporate companies who are facilitating meetings with their regional offices on a regular basis.”  He adds, “Taj Palace Hotel Dubai has been a pioneer of so many hospitality “first” concepts in Dubai. To boost usage of this excellent facility, guests of the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai will be entitled to use the equipment for videoconferencing free of charge. The costs will be based only on use of the meeting venue and the standard Etisalat connectivity fees. We simply say…You book, We connect!”.