First Resort Unveils New Reservation Software

First Resort has unveiled V12, an easy to use browser-based reservations software for vacation rental management companies.
First Resort’s V12 software is a robust new vacation rental program that can manage every aspect of a vacation property management company - from reservations, to inventory management, to accounting, to marketing and to connectivity to other distribution channels. The new V12 software is mainly geared toward medium sized property management companies but has the design flexibility to work with any size management company, whether the vacation rental company manages one building or a network of vacation condos and homes that span the nation.

“Our new V12 software puts the vacation rental industry on par with other lodging providers. In the near future and especially important to our customers will be the ability to easily connect to large web-based distribution channels such as Expedia and Travelocity,” said Patrick Curry (Pictured), President of First Resort Software. “The ease of our software is truly revolutionary for our industry. Since our new V12 system is browser-based, users can access company data from anywhere, freeing them to work at home or at office locations”

In addition to reservations, V12 has a host of marketing functions that can assist in the information management of every part of a vacation rental business. The software allows a vacation property management company to quickly collect a rich database of information from its guests.

“V12’s marketing functions include expanded guest information, e-mail addresses, correspondence options, birthdays, multiple telephone numbers, multiple addresses, credit card information and more,” Curry said. “This system allows users to communicate with guests in a format they prefer. It also allows for better targeted correspondence based on the customer’s past preferences.”