SolarNet Contracts Their First B2C Airfare Re-seller

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc
  today announced the signing of an agreement to provide SolarNet’s bookable air consolidator content to air fares re-seller Res Firm.

“Solarnet is has rapidly become a leader in Net Fare content provider to the travel industry” said Bob Wilson Director of Account Development at SCS Solars.“This alliance however opens up a first foray into consumer bookings and a new revenue stream for our services. Res Firm has developed a unique application for the consumer which, with our content, will allow quick and easy access to “selected” Net Fares data. The consumer will be able to search, choose, and then book the seat through the Res Firm gateway. The booking is conducted through a link (API) to SolarNet. The air consolidator pays a transaction to Solarnet every time a ticket is issued ” 

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