My AvantGo Helps Mobile Users Find Local "Hot Spots"

As Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) networking technology continues to gain ground, My AvantGo® has created a convenient Hot Spot Locator channel for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones.In addition to being able to access more than 2,500 channels of content - including news, weather, sports, travel and entertainment - My AvantGo users can now conveniently locate the nearest “hot spot” for Wi-Fi connectivity, simply by entering a local zip code or city. My AvantGo users can add the free Hot Spot Locator channel to their mobile device by visiting

“Wi-Fi is emerging as the next big thing for consumers, promising localized wireless access,” said Neil Versen, senior director of My AvantGo at iAnywhere Solutions. “While My AvantGo provides consumers with flexible, always available access to information - whether wirelessly or offline - Wi-Fi technology delivers fast, wireless Internet access in public places, like coffee houses and airport lounges. My AvantGo’s 8 million registered users now have a simple and convenient way to locate their closest ‘hot spots’ when - and where - they need them.” The new Hot Spot Locator channel also includes information about how Wi-Fi systems work as well as a handy glossary of Wi-Fi-related names and acronyms.

Attendees and players at this week’s Sybase Big Apple Classic LPGA tournament at the Wykagyl Country Club can use the new My AvantGo Hot Spot Locator channel to identify areas of the tournament with wireless Internet access. Intel and iAnywhere Solutions have established a number of free-of-charge wireless “hot spots” throughout the Sybase Big Apple Classic to provide convenient, high-speed wireless Internet access to up-to-the-minute news, entertainment and sports information.