Seatem Group Companies to Trade as Keith Prowse

In a major branding and organisational development announced today by the fast expanding Seatem Group, Keith Prowse will become the key brand name, new entertainment-based travel products introduced and new UK divisions created.
Seatem Group is a world leader in the marketing and distribution of entertainment tickets and travel.  Headquarted in London Seatem has 30 offices in 18 countries.  The group acquired Keith Prowse International in 1994.

Heading up Seatem UK as managing director is Deirdre Finnegan, who created the business of Keith Prowse Attractions in 1991.  From now on three divisions reporting to Deirdre Finnegan will operate under the banner of Keith Prowse.

Tom Allen, the former Disney senior executive, is joining the group as managing director of Keith Prowse Travel, specialising in selling an expanded range of worldwide packages which will include hotels and entertainment tickets, as well as sports events.     
Tom Allen will continue to oversee Theme Park Holidays, which was founded by him last year, now under the umbrella of Seatem.

A second division will see the business of First Call, one of the largest sellers of theatre and concert tickets in the UK which was acquired by Seatem Group in 2001, trade in future as Keith Prowse.  This division, which will also incorporate Global Tickets, is to be led by general manager Andrew Sharp, who joined the group in 2001.  It will also encompass Applause, the leader in providing entertainment tickets to the travel trade, which will continue to trade under that name.  Melanie Dearle has been appointed head of sales and marketing for this division.

The business of Keith Prowse Entertainment Tickets, based in Belfast, forms the UK group’s other division.  This market leader sells tickets to over 300 theme parks and attractions worldwide, as well as sightseeing, US sports, dining and shows.  Paul Kinghan has been appointed general manager of the division; he joined Keith Prowse in 1999.  Susan Phelan continues as head of sales and marketing.


Also under the wing of Deirdre Finnegan is a recently established Seatem Group call centre in Donegal, Ireland, which is being developed to seat over 360 agents handling
worldwide calls.


States Paul Burns, the founder and chief executive officer of Seatem Group: “Travel linked to and motivated by an entertainment experience is one of the fastest growing
elements in the international leisure industry.  Seatem Group is in the vanguard of this development and with a famous brand like Keith Prowse and proven creative professionals like Deirdre Finnegan and Tom Allen at the helms we expect our success and growth to continue.”