Fake Bake Is A New Attitude In Self-Tanning!

When the Sun goes in, get Fake Bake out!
Now even the palest skin can achieve a beautiful tan without the damaging effects of the sun!
Look healthy this winter with Fake Bake - a fantastic and revolutionary organic tanning treatment from the USA that safely turns the skin from pale and uninteresting to nut brown and beautiful, whatever the weather.
Already popular with celebrities such as Britney Spears, Fake Bake guaranteed to last 50% longer. Working with the skin’s natural pigment Fake Bake guarantees a smooth and delicious dark tan, using a unique tanning agent and a colour guide to aid application.
Even the palest skin can be transformed into exotic goddesses without damaging their skin by exposing it to the dangerous and ageing effects of the sun.
You can apply Fake Bake on both your face and body. You begin by applying a delectable Passion Fruit Body Polish to the skin, containing rare botanical and Aloe Vera extracts that exfoliate the skin leaving it soft, smooth and prepped.
You then apply the Fake Bake using the gloves and lightly glaze over the whole body, allowing 20 minutes for the product to dry.
Finally apply the Skin Smoothie, a moisturising and luxurious blend of botanicals and essential oils, which should be spritzed over the body to seal Fake Bake deep into the layers of the skin maximising the life of your tan.
For futher information on Fake Bake products please visit the website www.fakebake.co.uk.