Forest Fresh

Most female travelers would never think to leave for a trip without their favorite suds, scrubs and salves, even if that means schlepping extra weight.
Too often have we checked into our hotel and stared in horror at those sad little pieces of soap or tried to detangle our hair with the stuff from the dispenser in the shower.
More and more, hotels and resorts realize that bath and beauty products are paramount for today`s spoiled skin and tastes. Quality is key.
Forest Essentials only use the cleanest botanical ingredients for their soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and bath crystals.
They are crafted for the most sensitive skin, don`t use animal ingredients and do not test on animals.
You don`t have to check into a hotel to try them out. By the way, we like their scents.
Order at or call 1-800-301-7767 for more information.