The Art of Relaxation At The Ritz Lisbon

The “art of relaxation” takes on new meaning at the new spa at Four Seasons Hotel The Ritz Lisbon. At a hotel known for its extensive art collection, it`s no surprise that its new spa is an art gallery in its own right.
In fact, the contemporary decor and airy atmosphere have the feel of a sophisticated urban gallery. The dramatic abstract and modern pieces seem to jump from the wall, each one inspiring a sense of relaxation and easing the brain into contemplation mode.
Take the arresting sculpture of a foot that greets you at the reception for example. A less than subtle hint about the heavenly foot massage that awaits every guest before their scheduled treatment. In fact, this foot is so large it doubles as a chair, with plenty of space to curl up and wait for the therapist to usher you deeper into this world of tranquility.
From the reception area through the entire spa, art is about the only thing in common with the rest of the Hotel. The zen-like atmosphere and the intoxicating scents that waft through the air make you feel as though you`ve been transported to a distant Asian paradise.
From the heated limestone floor, to the soft jazz music playing by the pool to the simple arrangements of papyrus, Indian bamboo and loofah, one by one, all of your senses are gently awakened.
Before each treatment, great emphasis is placed on relaxation, so the experience begins with a sauna or eucalyptus-infused steam. Next you`re escorted to the comfort of the specially designed Italian poolside loungers, where you are offered jasmine green tea.
The meditative scent of the tea carries through to the treatment room where jasmine fills the air. The clean lines of the design of the room are enhanced by rich oak and marble finishes in neutral tones. All treatment rooms have private showers and ergonomically-designed treatment beds and ritual chairs.
The atmosphere has such a calming effect that the brain seems to come to a stand still. It`s a good thing you choose a treatment before arriving at the spa, because to have to make any kind of a decision at this point would be futile.
The extensive treatment list includes some unique signature treatments including the “Tranquility Massage,” and the “Heavenly Nectar and Papaya Wrap.” You can also choose the decadent “In-Room Spa Experience,” which starts with a candlelit bath infused with aromatic milk and honey, followed by an Aromatherapy massage, all in the comfort of your room.

Following the treatment and a shower, it`s back to the pool for further relaxation and a taste of Chef Stephane Hestin`s healthy spa cuisine. Complimentary hot and cold beverages are served and refreshing towels infused with aromatherapy oils are offered along with menus. Poolside loungers also get delicate treats such as pineapple verrines and port granité. Simple yet decadent, it`s the perfect ending to a perfect day at the spa.
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