Mind, Body And Soul Detox Pamper

The abundance of parties is over, thereå‘s a little more roundness to your rear and your head is a little fuzzy to say the least å- yes it is detox time once more! The modern day detox should cleanse the mind, body and soul å- forget a strict regime of vulgar vitamin supplement drinks and hours in the gym itå‘s all about pampering and everything in moderation and in no time you will be feeling and looking fantastic. 
Macmillan’s ‘Mind, Body and Soul Detox Pamper’ offers a variety of indulgent treatments that will boost energy, flush out toxins and leave you rejuvenated.
Flush Out The Toxins

The treatment begins with a full body scrub to remove any dead skin cells, which is then rinsed off. A warm paste of seaweed is then applied all over the body and gently massaged in. Shelly Jeff- Beauty Therapist at Macmillan says ‘Seaweed is a fantastic natural resource renowned for speeding up the metabolism, detoxifying skin - leaving it soft and cleansed and improving the appearance as well as helping with water retention by flushing out toxins.’
The treatment continues as you are wrapped in plastic for twenty-five minutes whilst you lie back and enjoy a mini-rejuvenating facial that will cleanse and brighten your appearance. The paste is then showered off and moisturiser is massaged all over the body - leaving skin cleansed and baby soft.
Hair Repair

Kene Franklin - Creative Director at Macmillan say’s ‘It’s not just summer hair that needs a attention; central heating, the weather and even alcohol have adverse effects on hair’s condition. A deep cleansing treatment such as Power Mask by Wella can improve this by penetrating moisture and goodness that has been removed.’
Hair will be rinsed and then towel dried before a deep conditioning mask is be applied. The rich, restructuring mask will penetrate the hair structure and provide the inner hair with essential keratin affinitive components consequently increasing moisturising content and giving a healthy shine. Hair will be styled and blow-dried.
A Final little Pamper

Whilst hair is being blow-dried a forty-five minute treatment manicure begins with a gentle massage using exfoliating crystals, which include vitamin E and citrus acid and remove dead cells.  An interactive crystal activator is then applied which dissolves the exfoliator into a rich penetrating serum, reviving and restoring the skin to its natural pH balance.
pushed back, nails are filed and a rich moisturising cream of vitamin A and E and aloe Vera is gently massaged into hands before nails are painted in a seasonal colour of your choice.
For further information please contact Macmillan or visit the website on www.macmillan-london.co.uk