Watch Fine Lines Melt Away With Outline Dermal Fillers…

Not many anti-ageing procedures can truly enable your clients to say ‘au revoir’ to fine lines and wrinkles for up to two years at a time after one single treatment.
Thanks to Outline - a sophisticated range of fillers from France - women no longer have to waste time and money month after month having regular injections to keep lines and wrinkles at bay. 
In just one to two short treatments, your clients will see nose to mouth lines, marionette lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines completely erased and the years just drop away. Outline can be used for virtually all facial lines and gives a particularly natural look and feel in the lips, restoring them to their natural shape and size.
Used for six years worldwide and for three years here in the UK, Outline has established a well deserved reputation as an ideal solution to wrinkles, standing the test of tell-tale time. Outline is the most sophisticated of the third generation non-animal dermal fillers, where post treatment swelling is minimal, with no need for massage.
A spin-off from cardiac microsurgery, Outline is completely man-made with no animal or bacterial derivatives or toxic cross-linking. Created from absorbable polyacrylamide, Outline dissolves slowly over a long period of time, delivering predictable, long lasting and natural-looking results at an affordable price.
The Outline treatment can also be specifically customised to your client, dependent on their lip shapes and wrinkle depth. Heavily set lines demand Outline Ultra, a slightly thicker version of Outline; whilst fine lines respond well to Outline Fine. The results will be apparent for up to five years and one year respectively.
With most people needing only three treatments in three years, Outline Line Fillers have established a well deserved reputation as the smart solution to wrinkles.
Outline dermal fillers are available from Medical Aesthetics Ltd and Wigmore Pharmacy. For further information on product and training, please call 02380 676733. Priced from £81 per unit price and £770 for 10 packs plus VAT.
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