Thalgo La Baule And The Thalassotherapy Centre, France

When you stay at H™tel Barrière, you will enjoy privileged moments of calm and relaxation in a superb setting. A personal welcome, quality service and all the attention and experience from the team will take you through your thalassotherapy journey.
The same philosophy applies to the Barrière thalassotherapy.
In the midst of a decor that radiates light and warmth, you will be pampered in a restful, discreet environment and take advantage of all the reinvigorating benefits of the Atlantic coast.

Deciding to take a thalassotherapy cure is half the battle. Anxiety, stress, general aches and know it is time to take a break, to listen to your body. Under the experienced eye of the attentive and discreet staff, the Thalgo La Baule Thalassotherapy Centre will provide you with effective therapy in a haven of peace.
Drawing on their know-how, a range of treatments have been put together designed to prevent and cure many familiar contemporary problems (fatigue, stress, backache, weight gain, tobacco addiction) or to help at specific times in your life (young mothers and their babies, menopausal women). And finally, the marine beauty treatments round off a programme, which will confidently restore your full well-being.
The 100% natural water is sourced from the open sea and renewed every day to preserve its living qualities.
The results they achieve derive from the combination of individualised care and qualified medical support, both physically and psychologically: there aim is to help each individual find the keys to renewed well-being as they enjoy the pleasures of a truly healthy break.

A medical visit is compulsory before you embark on your cure. This will be the occasion for the doctor to draw up a personalised programme of treatments and to identify any contraindications.
An overall approach based on individualised treatments is adopted to help you find your way back to a healthy lifestyle. They provide clearly structured care with traditional cures that they encourage you to follow rigorously, backed up with regular interviews and checks, all under permanent medical supervision.
Ever since it opened, Thalgo La Baule has been a member of the “Mer et Santé” International Thalassotherapy Federation and adheres to this body’s Quality Charter.
A there are variety of ‘Thalasso’ treatments to choose from, such as:

* Aquatic gym

Exercises in seawater heated to a pleasant temperature improve balance, muscle tone and suppleness.

* Analytic and rehabilitation pool

Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, underwater jets and passive mobilisation techniques are used on an individual basis to provide both stimulation and relaxation, the aim being to ensure rehabilitation or specific muscle development.

* qua-slimming circuit

9 get-fit phases for complete relaxation in seawater heated to 32¡C.

* Seaweed whirlpool bath with hydromassage

Thousands of bubbles of air are injected into the seawater to stimulate capillary circulation and encourage the penetration of minerals and trace elements. With jet hydromassage.

* Jet shower

At a distance of approx. 4 metres, the jet follows a precise line prescribed for your individual needs. Helps to deblock fatty zones or cellulite and promotes muscle tone.

* Underwater shower

Manual jets directed by a hydrotherapist, applied in a warm seawater bath to stimulate the circulation. This shower has a relaxing, analgesic effect.

* Pediluve

Alternating cold and hot baths improve leg circulation.

* Maniluve

Local application of marine mud to the hands.

* Seaweed packs

Using highly concentrated seaweed. Applied as a pack or in a bath, they allow the organism to recuperate quickly and provide relief for aches and pains that do not respond to traditional treatment. The seaweed is mixed with salt marsh water for optimum effect.

* Sea mist

To recharge the organism with negative ions. The “good” ions associated with a marine environment have a re-energising effect on the respiratory system (stop smoking programme).

* Aromalgotherapy

Essential oils with draining, slimming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities are used together with seaweed packs.

* Spray massage

A triple row of mini showers sprays alternating micro-jets of warm seawater onto specific problem areas. Encourages deep muscle relaxation whilst enhancing blood flow and lymphatic circulation.



*  Given by qualified physiotherapists

* “Shaping” treatments which may be given by beauticians

*Manual therapy is a global method of mobilising joints and skin tissue.

* Cellulo-lipolysis

Medical treatment aimed at reducing cellulite and oedema by applying micro electronic currents to the affected zones. Carried out under medical control.

* Micro-dermabrasion

Peeling carried out using micro-crystal jets directed in pulses against the skin. Acts effectively against fine lines by renewing the uppermost layers of the skin. Painless treatment carried out under medical supervision.

* Sophrology

Learn to become aware of your hidden potential to maximise personal development in a balanced, healthy way (anti-stress, stop smoking programme) Individual and group sessions.

* Plantar reflexology

This is a massage of Chinese origin which concentrates on the reflex points in the feet. It reveals the state of your energy flows and triggers a reaction in the organ corresponding to the zone that is stimulated.

* Shiatsu

The ancient Chinese practise of Shiatsu is a massage in which pressure is applied to the meridians used in acupuncture. This relaxing technique reharmonises your inner energies, stimulates vitality and helps build up your natural defences.

* Lymphatic drainage

The physiotherapist lightly massages specific areas of the body to stimulate the lymphatic system. Regular drainage can have a spectacular effect on your silhouette.

* Pressotherapy

Our automatic sequential pressotherapy machine provides effective relief in the alleviation of venous or lymphatic insufficiency.

* Hydrojet

Treatment in which a powerful and jet of water is pressure is applied to painful, tense areas. Deeply relaxing.

* Cellu M6

Anti-cellulite treatment. Mechanical palpation and roller technique to smooth affected areas, stimulate the blood circulation and bring a healthy glow to your skin.

* Datavein

External electrostimulation of the venous system.

* Impedance metering

Used to determine the patient’s ratio of lean tissue to fatty tissue in order to work out the most effective slimming programme.

Body building - Stretching - Gymnastics

These activities are open to anyone on one of our cure packages. “Thalgo Energy” session on the beach accompanied by an instructor.

The “diamond” of the C™te d’Amour, La Baule is set in a unique location on the Atlantic coast. Between Brittany and Vendée, ocean and salt marshes, pine forests and fine sand, it stretches along 9 km of a crescent-shaped bay with what is reputed to be Europe’s most beautiful beach.
As far as the weather goes, La Baule is the southern face of Brittany with its own micro-climate all year round.


For further information on the Thalgo La Baule Thalassotherapy Centre please contact them on: Telephone +33 (0)2 40 11 99 99, Fax +33 (0)2 40 60 55 17 or E-mail: [email protected]
For further information on the Royal-Thalasso Barrière please contact them on: Telephone +33 (0)2 40 11 48 48, Fax +33 (0)2 40 11 48 45 or
E-mail: [email protected]

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